Dr. Paula Ruel opened Veterinary House Calls in 1991. She is a practicing Veterinarian and a Registered Nurse. This provides her with a unique perspective on the over all well being and health of both animals and people. She is an advocate for free pet healthcare and considered a leader and mentor in her industry.

Dr. Ruel believes in educating her clients in overall well-being and health – both animals and people. In her hospital she implements the Bicom 2000, a revolutionary computer-controlled diagnostic tool that uses electromagnetic resonance therapy to treat more than 400 ailments. She is also an Isotonix OPC-3 supplier. These oligomeric proanthocyanidins are strong antioxidants that can help reduce damage from oxygen and nitrogen radicals as well as help strengthen and repair connective tissue.

“My practice reflects a vision of optimal health and it can be accomplished in countless ways.  Veterinary House Calls invites not only traditional western therapies, but alternative and complimentary services as well,” said Dr. Ruel who could become your pet’s second best friend after just one visit.