Most pet owners experience anxiety while making the decision to euthanize a sick pet. Rest assured that once a pet has peacefully passed, most owners feel an immediate sense of relief. However, questions may arise about what to do with a pet’s remains or how to memorialize such a beloved family member. It is best to have a plan in place before your pet’s passing.

Use your In-Home Veterinarian for counsel. You have entrusted this person to come into your home and help your beloved pet pass. She will be an amazing resource on how to grieve for your pet, care for their remains, and more. The following are options and ideas to discuss with your Veterinarian about your pet’s final farewell:

  • Pet Memorial Park – Your In-Home Veterinarian can transport your pet’s remains to the Pet Memorial Park in Foxboro MA. You may also decide to keep your pet’s remains on your own property.
  • Final Gift – Cremation of a pet is a respectful and clean way to intern your pet’s remains. Cremation can be done in a witnessed, private, individual, or communal setting at Final Gift Aftercare Services & Memorial Centers in Foxboro, MA.
  • Grief Support – There are many books and online support groups to help you through the loss of a pet. Pet Loss and Human Emotion: A Guide to Recovery, by Cheri Barton Ross, provides excellent advice for adults. New England Pet Hospice and Home Care in Sudbury, MA also offers grief support and memorials for this difficult time.
  • Memorial – After you have said goodbye, do something to memorialize your pet. Plant a tree in his favorite spot in the yard, or have a favorite photo framed. New England Pet Hospice and Home Care also offers keepsakes and mementos to help keep your loving memories with you always.

The loss of a cherished pet will never be easy, and the grief process takes time.  Please read our previous blog that discusses how children and adults experience the loss of a pet differently, and how each person moves through grief in their own time.